So you have a shiny new website. All those months of sweating over the content, the organization, the graphics, the details. It’s finally done and launched. WHEW! Now you can sit back and relax.

We’re Sorry to Inform You That the Above is Not True.

You can never rest. Your website is a giant mouth that needs regular feeding . . . otherwise it drops in “search-ability” and no one will be able to find you. And that would be devastating after all the work that’s gone into creating it in the first place.

Keeping it Fresh.

Regular updates and changes boost your SEO – Search Engine Optimization. This is the currency of website popularity on Goggle. The more you update and add to your site, the higher you place in the Google rankings. Which makes it easier for people to find you online.

Design is Everything.

The look and feel of your website is one of the most important aspects affecting sales. If your site looks tired, your visitors will vamoose to a flashier site.

Web design is in constant flux. The first websites were clunky and awkward, hard to focus on and in many cases presented a dog’s breakfast of images and functions that scared people away. Today, web design is much more sophisticated and elegant – leading the user into an experience that is logical, intuitive and easy to navigate. Responsive web design (designs that work simultaneously on desktops, laptops, smart phones and iPads) has become a requirement, something that wasn’t even around a few years ago.

Under the Hood

At 52 Pick-up we create sites primarily in WordPress. This allows our clients to update content themselves if they wish. It also provides us with the ability to update security fixes and performance improvements. Website development as a whole changes very rapidly and there are often better ways of achieving something than there was even one year ago. At 52 pick-up our developers love making things better and so giving them an opportunity to improve their code simply results in a better website for you.

Searching for Meaning.

Another key reason for continuously keeping your website updated is for search engine optimisation (SEO). The top search engines are regularly updating their algorithms and changing the requirements for high ranking on their results pages. Today, higher scoring is attributed to good copy, relevant titles, quality keywords and responsive design.

It’s All About a Great User Experience.

Let’s face it. Even your own customers shop around and compare products on different sites. After price and delivery, design and ease of use become the major factors in choosing which website to buy from. By keeping your website up to date and utilizing our tried and true user experience tips and techniques, we can beat your competition 100% of the time.

Sell It To Me!

Updating your website regularly gives you a chance to improve marketing features and add new products, or in the case of our real estate clients, projects. This leads directly to sales. Updates also allow you to remove functionality that doesn’t apply anymore and replace it with functionality that does.

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