There’s no question that marketing has changed big time in the past few years. As printing presses the world over crank to near stops, digital marketing grows by the minute. Today it’s about smart, responsive, customer friendly websites, digital advertising campaigns and social media. Companies who don’t embrace this new reality do so at their own peril. But it’s not all or nothing. At 52 Pick-up we believe in a marketing approach that utilizes both traditional and digital strategies. For example, traditional signage to drive people to your website. It is the smart integration of both digital and traditional media that will produce the best results.

So how do we undertake an integrated marketing campaign?

Open The Kimono

To begin the process, it’s necessary to take a fearless look at your business. Behind every smart decision is a background of equally intelligent research. With our core team assigned to your brand, we bring a thirst for comprehension to each campaign —analyzing your business, identifying your competition, understanding your customer and setting our shared business goals.

He Shoots. He Scores!

Before we do anything else, we establish the goals and objectives for the integrated campaign or website. This takes a lot of cerebral neurons shooting at lightning speed at a dartboard that lays out very specific goals – to become leaders in your industry, to improve lead generation, to target new markets, to increase sales, etc.

Who Are We Talking To?

Identifying your target market is a key step in the process. How can we talk if we don’t know who’s listening? So we go into a very detailed analysis of exactly who your ideal customer is, what are they like, where do they live, what do they do for a living, Coke or Pepsi? (kidding!). But all of this data helps us determine how they will use your website, interact with your social media or respond to your digital/traditional campaigns. From here we actually write out User Scenarios describing each target market or user in detail – getting to know them and understand what they want/need from you.

The Competition

We delve into who your competitors are and how they are marketing to the same target base. It’s all part of creating a successful plan for you. Knowing what your competition is doing can help you figure out what to do and what not to do. In the meantime, the goal is to seduce your target market to your site or your bricks and mortar.

SWOT Is More Than A Four-Letter Word!

We undertake a detailed analysis of your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. It’s all about getting a real, actual, usable, truthful picture of your company. It’s not about judging. It’s not about criticizing. It’s about doing a fearless inventory that helps us create the smartest plan for your business.

The Best Laid Plans …

When we embark on the process to create a presence, we undergo strategic planning with our in-house team of professional marketers. This planning phase helps us create the roadmap for our mutual success. The resulting campaign, creative brief, media and marketing plan are all designed to develop advertising and marketing materials that are on strategy and on budget.

Strategic Creative Design

Once we’ve created a strategy and plan that we all love and embrace, we ensure that our creative approach is cohesive and flexible enough to work in every medium – both traditional and new media through vehicles that will reach your target audiences. After the concept is approved, a timeline, cost estimate and execution plan are presented to you for approval.

Get Her Done!

In this phase, our collective efforts are set into motion and your carefully honed campaign begins to connect with its target audience.

Report Card

On-going analysis provides a clear picture of return gained (essentially determining marketing ROI). This can be accomplished through a variety of exercises including: customer traffic, surveys (online and off), website analysis and benchmarking, and observation of changes in customer purchasing habits (relative to desired outcome).

For a high level glance of campaign efficacy, 52 Pick-up will provide you with a campaign dashboard that tracks all measurable elements of your campaign marketing. This dashboard will provide medium-specific analytics on how each tactic performs across multiple platforms. We believe a solid understanding of campaign effectiveness serves as a strong foundation for future marketing initiatives.

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