At the heart of every new brand we create at 52 Pick-up, is a team of marketing professionals who take the time to know the brand. Our first priority is to really understand our client’s business, vision and priorities. We dig deep to reveal their target market, their stakeholders, their ideal customer experience. Only then to we undertake the design of the brand.

Such was the case with Marlin Spring – a multi-faceted real estate company focused on success, high principles and integrity. Their business has grown impressively in the past five-years and they needed a brand refresh that would take them into the future.

They also needed a new website to facilitate their sensational growth.

The brand and website we created for Marlin Spring reflects the company’s core values, unique culture and distinctive approach to development and investment.

The Marlin Spring brand and website is sophisticated and corporate; yet speaks with a young, energetic and enthusiastic voice; one that lauds the entrepreneurial spirit of their team and their clear focus on Building for You.

You can see the new Marlin Spring website here.

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