In honour of International Women’s Day, a day that honours feminists from the past 100 years and lauds today’s highly evolved feminists, it is important to celebrate those role models that are shaping the world and paving the way for tomorrow’s women to excel in every single area of culture, business, government, science and economics.

So today I will talk about my boss Susan McIntee – a woman who is a brilliant creative director, strategist and mentor in her capacity as the co-owner of 52 Pick-up Inc.

Susan is known in the marketing industry in Toronto as a go-getter (not always a compliment when it comes to women). She has managed to completely blur the gender lines in every aspect of business; she seizes opportunities as they come, imbues every project with passion and enthusiasm and provides sensible solutions to every marketing challenge. Clients can rely on Susan to deliver the straight goods – whether they like it or not! She’s all about facing reality and dealing with it – not sugar coating it or re-packaging a more palatable version.

She, together with her business partner Nick Monteleone, has grown 52 Pick-up Inc. over the past 20 years into a highly successful boutique creative agency that focuses on strategy and great design. She and Nick are both hands-on creative directors, offering intelligent marketing strategies in the new real estate sector as well as hospitality, education and retail. Their staff of 15+ are all champions of branding and marketing excellence.

Personally, Susan is a good friend with an inspiring intellect and a wicked sense of humour. She exemplifies the modern, independent woman who excels at her work, relies on her own resources to survive and achieves success and notoriety in every business endeavour.

So hats off to Susan McIntee of 52 Pick-up Inc. On International Women’s Day and every day, being part of your team is inspiring.

Judy Hazan
Senior Writer/Strategist
52 Pick-up Inc.

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