52 Pick-up recently took to the hills of Las Vegas where we were awarded GOLD for our Charbonnel (Treasure Hill) brochure. GOLD is the top prize at The Nationals, an annual awards competition for the new home building industry throughout the United States and Canada. This prestigious award is sought by agencies and builders from shore to shining shore. Winning it is a testament to creativity, imagination and talent – and while we are proud of this acknowledgement and endorsement of our abilities, we couldn’t have done it without the confidence and faith of our client Treasure Hill.

About the brochure . . .

The strategy behind this brochure was to create something special, very much like the community itself. A brochure that would pass the test of time, each time you held it and felt its weight, touched it and felt the rich fabric, opened the glorious double reverse gate cover, you’d know this community was a one-of-a-kind. If you were to be one of the privileged homeowners at Charbonnel, limited to only 19 Bespoke Townhomes in coveted Summerhill, across from historic De La Salle College, you would proudly display the brochure on your coffee table, forever. An Urban Love Story is the tale. Hollywood actors were cast and photographed to be the stars, beautiful, elegant and sexy, this couple helps showcase the similarities between their beauty and grace and Charbonnel’s singular homes. More custom photography was used to careful detail the surrounding neighbourhood; Yorkville, Summerhill and Bloor Street adorn each page of the neighbourhood section showcasing high end retail, 5-star restaurants and the lifestyle our buyers dream of. We transition smoothly into the site location, showcasing an enticing aerial of Toronto taken from the unique perspective of a low flying, chartered airplane, not a drone. A hand drawn watercolour site plan showcases the specifics of the 19 homes and the green space along Oaklands Avenue, the convenience of Avenue Road to the west, and the prestige of De La Salle College in the backyard. Five exterior and seven interior renderings bring this project to life and expertly showcase each room in the home, detailing the craftsmanship and luxury Charbonnel offers.

World-renowned architect Richard Wengle designed these magnificent homes. The brochure includes an early hand drawn sketch that was his inspiration for this project, providing a rare glimpse into the mind of a genius. Award-winning interior designer Brian Gluckstein arranged three luxury inspiration colour palates featuring exquisite samples and again, custom photography was done to capture the marble, stone and tile that would be included in these homes. The brochure includes personalized photography and quotes from team members Nicholas Fidei of Treasure Hill, Ron Holbrook, landscape architect, and Paul Johnston (sales).

Production elements for this brochure pushed the limits of print design. The cover is a fabric double gate fold, with dual foil stamped logos in silver, showing the Charbonnel logo on one cover, and the Charbonnel text on the next. A rare and unique hand sewn technique was used for binding. This technique, while incredibly expensive and time consuming, maximizes how far each spread can open throughout the book, ensuring no image or rendering gets lost in the gutter.

The Charbonnel brochure was an exceptional marketing piece and the premier asset for selling these homes. Without a sales office or model home, it helped purchasers envision the beauty, detail and passion of Charbonnel. With a $3.5 million+ price tag, Charbonnel is now more than 70% sold out, a testament to the efficacy of this brochure.

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