What Do You Treasure?

A unique campaign asks the question “What Do You Treasure?”

Life’s too short not to celebrate the things you treasure most.

This is the thinking behind a maverick campaign 52 created for Treasure Hill that aimed at bringing awareness of the precious things in life that we uniquely treasure. We created the campaign based upon the brand values of Treasure Hill – well-known for their signature quality and refined finishes, and their industry-changing Genius™ upgrade program in homes that are considered classically upscale in coveted locations throughout the GTA.

The campaign asks the question “What Do You Treasure?” to three renowned celebrities; Natasha Wodak (former Olympic runner), Peter Triantos (artist) and Chef Nick Liu (Owner of DaiLo). Three individuals whose passion has made them exceptional in their diverse fields.

We created a website that showcases their answers and compares what they treasure to the values that Treasure Hill treasures. A remarkable similarity in ideals include belief in the fundamental importance of commitment, passion, and perfection – the love for your work. The celebrities compare their passions to Treasure Hill’s within one of Treasure Hill’s most beautiful show homes.

This is a truly inspiring campaign that leverages the philosophical values of a developer committed to creating best-in-class homes that reflect what people treasure most in life.

We love working with the visionary leaders of Treasure Hill Nick Fidei and Antonio Baglione. They challenge us to think outside the box and create exceptional results. This campaign showcases Treasure Hill’s relentless attention to detail and craftsmanship through the lens of Natasha Wodak - Olympic Marathon Runner, Nick Liu - Visionary Chef and Peter Triantos - International Artist.


Treasure Hill


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What Do You Treasure?
What Do You Treasure?
What Do You Treasure?
What Do You Treasure?
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