A New Brand for a New Future

Undertaking a corporate rebrand is not for scaredy-cats. It takes guts to change and when 52 met with the fearless brothers Rick and Jeff Wolfe from WolfeCorp, they were ready to take the leap. First on the list was a new corporate brand. WolfeCorp is truly an amazing company. They have carved a niche in the coolest commercial office sector in Toronto; creating hip office space in historic buildings in the now highly sought-after King-Spadina neighbourhood. Their clients include some of the top brands in our city like the LCBO Flagship Store and Terroni. The new brand reflects the innovative and unique aspects of the company; it is sophisticated and stylish yet boots on the ground real–just like the Wolfe brothers. The brand is simple; it communicates vision, imagination and forward-thinking.

We also created a beautiful brochure and website for WolfeCorp showcasing the intricacies of their extraordinary buildings and their unique commitment to customer service. The WolfeCorp rebrand is a terrific example of ensuring that a company’s growth is reflected in its image. Companies that outgrow their brand do so at their own peril. There’s no danger of that happening to WolfeCorp!





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